Daisu, previously of Corvidae who took down Abyss 4-2 in the Grand Final of The Chase (season one), fills the role of our Rocket League team’s sub after the departure of Jcooke. Rachel comes on board with Athletico Dream to replace Moonie in their core five lineup.

SnarfSnarf on Daisu and the role of a sub:

We view the sub role as the hardest role to fill within a team, due to the adaptive playstyle needed to fit in with three different potential teammate compositions, along with actively playing the game to remain skilled when needed.

Knowing Daisu possesses these skills, we have high hopes in him. The flexibility that comes with the addition of Daisu will allow us to be more active in the community.

ShadowFax on Rachel:

“We’re so excited to have her on board! We can’t wait to grow and learn with her by our sides.”